Digital Enterprise

Achieving the optimum level of digital evolution is becoming a financial imperative across any digital enterprise. End-users expect performance consistent and unified across every touchpoint in all aspects of their operations from ideation through realization to utilization. At present, computer autonomics, robotics, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, bigdata analytics, cloud computing, social media, and mobility trigger a momentum of continuous innovations and improvements across all industry sectors. The leading-edge technological evolution of autonomics and digitation enhances digital enterprise which integrates technologically agnostic tools, provides collaboration, and enables rapid decision making on-the-fly across social, mobile, web, cloud, and analytic technologies.

Al’s subject-matter-experts (SMEs) understand maintaining a competitive edge that requires a fully operational Digital Enterprise to be virtually connected, collaborated, and optimized with skilled personnel and best practices to exceed the customer digital experience (DX) expectations. Al brings our expertise in designing, integrating, implementing, and enabling the digital enterprise to make rational decisions on-the-fly, the decrees on how profits are made, reshape work productivity, and retool the competitive fabric of collaborating entire industry sectors. Al digital experts provide government and commercial sectors a suite of digital services including-Digital Strategy and Change Management, Enterprise Architecture/Blueprints, Transformation Strategy/Roadmaps, Digital Experience Platform, and Digital Transformation through Continuous Improvements.

Digital Modernization

Al’s SMEs understand and practice the digital transformation process of infusing leading-edge digital technologies to transform business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet rapidly changing mission needs and seamlessly introduce new technology demands without disruption to the enterprise. This continuous reimagining of government and commercial functions in the digital age enables digital transformation at the economies of scale. Our digital SMEs have formulated the digital transformation best practices comprising a set of discrete initiatives developed and delivered to support continual, comprehensive IT modernization and advanced information superiority.

AI’s unified and sophisticated digital transformation best practices are comprised of subsequent digital services including: Agility Technological Platform [Agile Digital Enterprise Lifecycle, DevSecOps, and Continuous Integration (Cl) I Continuous Deployment (CD)]; Digital Experience Framework/Platform; API Management service [API Strategy, API Framework, API Lifecycle, and API Transformation, Business Process API, Data API, Systems API, Security API, & API Hub]; Artificial Intelligence Technology; Business Process Hyper Automation; Legacy IT Transformation; Cloud Migration and Transformation; Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA); Machine Learning (ML) / Deep Learning (DL) Technology; Intelligent Automation; Hyperconverged IT Infrastructure; Self-Defending Infrastructure; and Cloud Service Management and Operations (CSMO).

Enterprise Cloud Automation

Enterprise IT Cloud is a hyper-converged, multi-tenant platform that cost-effectively enables the federal governments to treat IT services as a commodity and dynamically increase or decrease to match their usage needs. AI has hotbed of new digital talents with the entire enterprise cloud of service offerings that potentially perform resource pooling; eliminate the enterprise need for on-premise infrastructures, heavy software licensing, patches, and upgrades; unilaterally and elastically provision computing capabilities; and leverage a “pay-as-you-use” metering capability for the use of IT resources. AI digital SMEs include—Cloud Assessment, Cloud Solution, DevSecOps, BPaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Storage, and cloud deployment models.

Enterprise Data Analytics

Al is experienced supporting Government and Commercial sectors in managing the challenging high volume, high velocity, and high variety of big data assets with veracity, resulting in achieving high value. Our digital SMEs apply industry best practices and solve large data complexities using leading-edge data technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase, oozie, Flume, MongoDB, Cassandra and Pig—building text analytics to analyze unstructured text and perform sedentary analysis; streaming fact-based data to business-owners and stakeholders for making a right decision on the fly; machine learning as it is crucial to pattern recognition, clustering for handling data and text mining; and then data warehousing and data service factories.

Health IT

Federal Healthcare IT Service is the premier Government IT catalyst to meet the taxpayers demand in obtaining high-quality healthcare provisioned with their healthcare data easily and securely accessible at anytime, anywhere on any pervasive computing devices. AI’s skilled SMEs applying with proven healthcare best practices transforms data resident on legacy systems into securely available patient-centered data, value-based purchasing, and pay-for-performance in promising a broad array of consensus-based clinical measures, effective resource utilization, consistent payment, continuous cost reduction, and provision of the right care at the right time. AI’s SMEs architected, designed, and implemented the Clinical Standards and Quality Target enterprise architecture and sequenced digital transformation roadmaps to enable an integrated healthcare quality information system 

environment, where Hospital Quality Care; Physician Quality Care; End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Care; and Quality Improvement Organization can easily be accessible/made available to the American taxpayers, stakeholders, and care providers for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Center for Clinical Standards and Quality. AI SMEs demonstrated and emphasized this ‘Healthcare Quality Management’ function at the CMS Agency level, resulted in highly recognized and regulated to be one of the Core Healthcare functions for the CMS agency—achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

Federal IT Cybersecurity

Federal Enterprise IT Cybersecurity is a core Government IT asset which Al is committed to provide our cyber best practices of “protect, detect, react, respond, and recover” to assist Federal agencies to anticipate and resolve all cyber threats. AI neutralizes, limits, and mitigates the impact of those threats; and reacts incidentally, effectively, and efficiently in the event of an incident. Our core cybersecurity services include Agency-wide Single Security Architecture (SSA), Cloud Security, Data Loss Prevention, Security Engineering, Information Privacy, Auditing & CERTs, SIEM, IDAM, C&A, Security Analytics, Vulnerability Mgmt., Insider threat IDS/IPS, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence /ML/DL, and Self-defending Infrastructure services. Our proven expertise is also in—Applied Threatelligence© (Operationally Applied Threat Intelligence), Threatelligent Hunting©: Business Integra Intelligence-Driven Threat Hunting (BIT Hunting©); and SOC Optimization Service – Detect, Protect and Correct – Global Best practices; Insider Threat Deterrence Program – Detect protect and Correct cycle.

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